Pet Pamper Parlour

Cape Creatures Veterinary Hospital Pet Pamper Parlour offers a unique dog and cat grooming service where all breed types are catered for.

Our personalised service is performed by trained hospital staff members who have an active veterinary nursing background and therefore we can guarantee fabulous animal handling restraint skills with all animals whilst they are being pampered. Its like a beauty parlour for your pooch! Drop your fur baby off for a few hours to keep them looking in tip top condition.

Services include Heated Hydrobathing, Cat Clips under Sedation, Dog Flea Wash Treatments, Blow Drying, Nail Clipping, Nail Painting, Tidy Up Clipping (face, feet, belly and bottom), Ear Plucking and Cleaning and Expressing Anal Glands all in a stress free environment.

Registered Veterinary Nurses will also assess your pet’s skin and coat before selecting a medicated or natural organic shampoo and conditioner and will also notify you and our veterinarian if they identify any health problems during the grooming appointment.

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Cape Creatures Vet Hospital nurses can also help you and your pet with:

  • Premium Pet Food and Nutritional Advice
  • Expert advice on parasitic flea, worm and tick control along with prevention for your pets
  • Premium quality collars, beds, toys, treats and skin products

Please contact our friendly staff on 9757 9700 for a Pet Pamper appointment .

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Consultations are by appointment for dogs, cats, birds and all other exotic small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrets and fish.

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