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I have been meaning to thank you for a long time now. Four years ago my dog Scooby was treated by you for an ear infection that the other vets could not get rid of. We drove long distances fortnightly from Kalgoorlie especially to see you. I am happy to say Scooby is a happy bubbly dog that has never had an ear infection since. I appreciate your thoroughness, love and attention to my dog in the three/four months he was treated by you. We have never looked back. We are both very appreciative. We are now living in Golden Bay and with doggy day care twice a week he is happier and cuter than ever. So thank you from the both of us.
Jan and Scooby
To Dr Phil and all Cape Creatures Staff,
Thank you so much for looking after our DIESEL dog. The care you have given him meant the world to us to know you were there for DIESEL.
Darren and Mel
Dear Management & Staff
Thank you for thoughts regarding our Dear Molly. A life well lived. I was extremely impressed by the dignity and concern displayed by all toward Molly and myself whilst performing a difficult task. Please accept my best wishes and health.
Dog at beach
Ray Mouritz
To Dr Phil and the Cape Creatures Crew
I want to thank you for saving my little girl. Without you she wouldn't be able to walk and be herself. We brought her to you with a suspected broken leg. After having bad advice from another vet thankfully my mum brought her to you who confirmed our fears of a broken humeral head and she would need surgery. We really couldn't afford it but we scrimped and scraped everything we could together for surgery to put a cross pin put in her left upper elbow a few short days later. She has had a long recovery with what is now 8 weeks cage rest. It’s been rough as she was only 15 weeks when it happened and she constantly wants to play. But the entire crew at Cape Creatures have been amazing and very understanding. Dr Phil is so thorough at every visit and even after everything that’s happened, my little MYAH is still always happy to see everyone there. I can’t thank you enough for giving my friend the ability to still have a long, happy life with full use of her leg. I would never be able to live a life without her.
Thank you so much,
Taya and Family XXX
Taya and Family
Thank you so very much for you compassion and care toward our beautiful old Clary. We truly respect and appreciate your compassionate approach towards her care and our situation during a really heart breaking time. Hat's off to you Dr Phil and your team, you helped us to do the last best thing for our old girl.
Forever grateful,
Nat, Oddette and Family
Hi Dr Phil and your amazing team
I really wanted to call and say this personally, but for fear of bursting into tears I thought it best to write to you. As you know we relocated from Karratha to Margaret River some time ago, one of my biggest concerns about the move was finding a new vet! Anyway as crazy as it sounds after driving past your clinic, I just kind of got the feeling that, that's where my mob would receive the best care. So then I did some research........You sounded pretty good. Little did I know you would turn out to be so much better than good! The quality of care you provide, from an owners point view is second to none! I know when I walk into your clinic I'm going to be greeted by a happy staff member that remembers my name, and doesn't just sit behind a desk! but comes out into your waiting area to say Hi to whoever I have with me on that day or all of them (considering I have 5) or used to which brings me to my point....... My heart broke on Friday! I watched Bob be born and I've loved him every day since. I know most people think there pet is the most amazing animal in the world! But Bob was truly exceptional........ From 4 weeks old he wouldn't stay with his litter he would climb my leg to be with me, When he got old enough to jump the fence that's when he decided if the dogs were going for a walk so was he!!!! It was also around that time that we learnt if there was chicken for dinner better give Bob a bowl! I have never seen another cat that could jump on a table and swipe food off a fork faster than Bob. Bob was a gardener if I was digging a hole so was he! When using power tools we had to keep him inside, it was just too dangerous for him to be allowed near them. Bob would go on his own holidays, he would nick off for a few days then come home, yell at me then run to the cupboard because he was hungry, if I didn't get there quick enough, well my ankles and legs have scars to prove his point!!!! No Matter where I went especially on foot Bob would find me. He's been to the Tambrey (pub near our place in Karratha). He crossed the highway in Karratha to find me at a friend’s place, in the end I used to put him in a bag to cross the high way! Bob and I were a package deal. Everyone knew Bob and everyone Loved Bob especially me. Thank you so much for your care and compassion. Sincerely,
Andria Park
Cape Creatures Veterinary Hospital,
We cannot thank you enough for all your support and kindness that you showed to us on the loss of our amazing ‘Maggie’. I have always felt that you and all you staff are amazing and you proved that even more on the evening of the 16th when Maggie came in and she was so very ill. Maggie was a very special girl and she had started her life in a very abusive situation. We were so blessed to have her and I have peace knowing that she left us in a very, very happy and contented life with us. Dr Phil and nurses I can’t thank you enough for your care and love on the 16th and all the care that you gave to Maggie over the years looking after her. I am in no doubt that you have an amazing and professional veterinary practice.
Thank you,
Gail and all Maggies Family
Dear Dr Phil,
Thank you very much for your help with Patsy last Tuesday evening. I was aware after Patsy passed away that your family have been unwell. My family is very thankful that you were able to help us put Patsy out of her misery. That particular day she was very active and even half heartedly chased a roo of the block. I noted a turn early Saturday evening but she righted herself immediately. At 16 yrs with eye sight and hearing failing we knew that her time would come soon. She was a very strong minded fit dog with a lot of attitude and character and much loved by my Husband Leon, our sons Matt and Bill. We buried Patsy the following morning in our orchard. My family is very grateful and will continue to highly recommend your services.
Leon and Gwen Ivory
Dear Dr Phil and Cape Creatures Team,
Thanks so much for helping to make the hardest of times and goodbyes as easy as I could ever hope for. Kind regards,
Dear Dr Phil and the Cape Creatures Team,
Thank you for taking such good care of Spirit while she was with us and for your sensitivity and professionalism when the time came to say goodbye.
Tim, Lisa and Zephyr
Dear Dr Phil and the Team,
Thank you for your kindness and professionalism during BAILEYS last 12 months – particularly on the 28th Dec Dr Phil. Our BAILEY lived with us as a member of our family for close to 15 years, thought she was a human and gave us her unconditional and undivided love, companionship and encouraged a strict walking regime in the early years! (12 years). She was a character in our extended family too ... my worry about her pain and frailty has been replaced by relief and sadness – she was big in our life.
Thank you very much.
Annie, Greg, Louise and Rob
To Dr Phil and all the wonderful caring staff at Cape Creatures,
Thank you for your care of Missy during her final years. She had a long and happy life with your help.
Dear Dr Phil and the Cape Creatures Staff,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care of my dog Suzi. I am at peace knowing that Suzi had the very best care possible. Thanks to you all. With my best wishes,
Love XX
To Dr Phil and the Crew,
Thank you so much for your professionalism and especially your kindness with our two pets Jacky and Gus (deceased). We will not forget how you saw us through Gus’s death.
All the best,
Kym and Lance

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