Puppy Training Classes

This is your first step to raising a happy, healthy and well-socialised dog. Our informative puppy training classes run all year round and provides the ideal environment for pups to socialise in, while you also learn important information on how to best care for the new addition to your family.

Each Puppy Pre-school runs for 4 weeks, with a 60-90min class held at Cape Creatures Veterinary Hospital during the evening. To attend you must be a current client at Cape Creatures Veterinary Hospital or have your puppy vet checked prior to the classes. Bookings are essential.

Classes are presented by a professional holistic dog trainer who is very experienced and has been training puppies and adult dogs in the Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River areas for over 40 years

What is Puppy Pre-school and why do we need it?

First and foremost puppy pre-school is to give your new puppy a chance to learn socialisation/interaction in a clean and safe environment. In addition, the trainer will be able to help you identify and resolve a number of common behavioural issues you might be having with your new puppy. You will not only learn basic dog obedience but the reason behind why your puppy does what he/she does and what you can come to expect throughout the life of your new dog.

Puppy pre-school classes aim to provide:

  • Training and obedience – basic commands (sit, drop, recall)
  • Socialisation/interaction with other puppies
  • Socialisation/interaction with people
  • Developing bite inhibition
  • Household etiquette
  • Understanding attention seeking behaviours and how to manage them
  • Awareness of the developmental stages prior to adulthood
  • Troubleshooting other behavioural issues that may arise
  • Familiarisation with the vet hospital – making visits less stressful and more enjoyable!

For puppy advice, pre-school bookings or enquiries to find out when the next puppy course starts call Cape Creatures Vet Hospital on 9757 9700.